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Tips on Choosing Catering for Weddings

In preparing for marriage preparations there must be some obstacles because to get to a successful wedding will surely require sacrifice and struggle. Usually one of the obstacles is catering and various other wedding ceremonies. In the past, if there would be a wedding, a small committee would be formed. The fathers were given the task to look for a place, administer a marriage certificate, pick up an official, and act as a host.

As for the mothers busy with other wedding preparations, namely the affairs of the bridal dress, uniforms for the committee, and of course catering matters during the wedding. However, this time is different from the past, because now is a practical age. No need to bother to look for trinkets wedding supplies, at this time usually the bride and groom have used many wedding organizer services.

Tips on Choosing a Catering Package for Wedding Preparation

Marriage, an important event for a couple’s life journey. Therefore in marriage preparations such as looking for catering packages, it requires patience, accuracy, and adequate finance. In order to create a memorable event for guests invited to the catering election is very important to note.

Some things that must be considered in wedding preparations to choose a catering package:

Ready to give extra
Choose catering package services that are ready to be willing to add food during emergencies and unexpected when the number of guests is booming.

Ready to wait for the meal
The food clerk is willing to wait for the wedding catering meal until the host and guest are completely finished and the new attendant takes care of it.

Can be accounted for

The menu and portion of food served can be accounted for in accordance with the agreements agreed upon.

Providing professional service
Choose catering staff who provide excellent and professional services. Shown with a friendly, smiling, and neat clothes.

Communication and cooperation
Catering staff must be easy to communicate with and must be cooperative at the request of the host. Do not forget to ask one person in charge of the party as a policy with full service to the wedding.

Tips on Choosing a Catering Vendor For Wedding Preparation

The wedding date is approaching, various wedding preparations have also been designed. Now it’s time to choose a catering vendor to provide consumption for invited guests. Many opinions that in the reception food for guests is important. But there are still many brides who don’t understand how to start looking for the right catering vendor.

The following wedding preparation tips in choosing a catering vendor for a wedding:

Determine the cost
Each catering will have a different price and menu. If you are going to hold a reception with a large number of guests, then choose the type of buffet that has a price per plate. If the number of guests is small, you can choose the price per table

The services provided by wedding catering are certainly different for each package. If the chosen catering is not a package with the location of the reception, in general tablecloths, table decorations and tableware will be provided. Try to make sure there are additional costs or not for this facility.

Food preparation location
You must know the location of the food to be prepared. If prepared outside the wedding hall, you must know how the food is sent and the location is far away or not. So that food can be served on time.

After gathering a lot of information from catering services, you can choose catering that suits your professional services and your desired budget. Always try to coordinate with the catering of your choice, so there are no mistakes in the preparation of the wedding until the day of H.